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Missing teeth don’t only affect your ability to smile. Over time, they can also make it difficult to chew the foods you enjoy and maintain a balanced diet. It can even result in your remaining teeth shifting out of place and into the open spaces left behind. Whether you’re young or old, tooth loss needs to be addressed, and our series of tooth replacement options can make a difference! To get started rebuilding your smile, give our dental office a call to schedule a consultation.


Why Choose Smiles Dental for Tooth Replacement?

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Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Dental Bridges

If you have multiple consecutive teeth to replace, dental bridges offer a functional and ideal solution. Bridges consist of three to four dental crowns fused together, making one large restoration that bridges the gap in your smile. The crowns on either side of the bridge are hollowed out so they can fit onto existing teeth. Bridges can last a very long time when practicing routine oral healthcare at home and by receiving periodic, professional dental cleanings.

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Dentures & Partial Dentures

Missing most or all of your teeth can be an extreme burden, which is why dentures are one of the most popular solutions for extensive tooth loss. Replacing teeth on both sides of your mouth or an entire arch is done via a partial or full denture respectively. Our dental office will make sure that your denture fits properly and go over essential maintenance tips to make it last as long as possible. Just make sure to commit to routine dental appointments so we can determine when it’s time for a replacement or repair.

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Dental Implants

Dental implants have quickly become one of the most recommended tooth replacement options in dentistry because of their many benefits. For one, dental implants replace the entire root structure of missing teeth as well as the white crown. By addressing the root, the new “tooth” is healthier, more stable, and designed to last much longer. This allows you to maintain a more youthful appearance and expand your overall diet.

Learn About Dental Implants
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