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Dental insurance is a valuable tool that can help individuals and whole families from all walks of life access high-quality oral healthcare (including biannual checkups and cleanings, tooth-colored fillings, custom dentures, and much more) at a more affordable price. Whether you’ve purchased your plan or receive coverage through an employer, Smiles Dental wants to help you take full advantage of these benefits! Contact us today to see if we take your specific plan, or keep reading below to learn more about the various in’s and out’s of dental insurance from tried-and-true experts.


Understanding How Dental Insurance Works

Many people believe that dental insurance and traditional medical insurance are basically identical, but this isn’t true. Medical insurance is designed around the idea of BIG emergencies and life events, providing coverage for serious illnesses, traumatic injuries, pregnancies, and similar incidents. On the other hand, dental insurance provides the bulk of its available benefits towards prevention first. By fully covering the cost of biannual dental checkups and cleanings (as well as fluoride treatments for children in most cases), the goal is to help the insured maintain stronger oral health and avoid the need for more expensive treatment later down the road.

What Your Dental Insurance Plan Covers

It’s important to remember that every dental plan is different and you should confirm available benefits with your provider before committing to treatment. That said, most major PPO insurances do offer coverage along these lines:

  • Essential preventive care, such as dental checkups and cleanings, is covered at 100% once or twice per calendar year.
  • Minor restorative care, including root canal therapy and fillings, is partially covered at around 80%.
  • Major restorative care, including bridges, crowns, and dentures, is partially covered at around 50%.


Procedures that are deemed purely cosmetic in nature are not covered under most PPO dental insurances.

We Offer In-Network Savings & Welcome Out-of-Network Providers

Smiles Dental is currently in-network with Delta Dental Premier and BlueCross BlueShield. Being “in-network” means that we have agreed to accept negotiated rates for a wide variety of different services and cannot charge more. As a result, patients with either of these plans can expect to pay a lower rate with us than at a dental office that is “out-of-network” with their particular coverage.

However, being out-of-network doesn’t mean that you can’t make us you and your family’s new dental home! Because we offer very affordable prices, many patients discover that they end up paying a similar amount here when compared to their bill at an in-network dental office. Our team is happy to file claims on your behalf for many out-of-network plans and help you maximize your deserved reimbursements.

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