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Childrens Dentistry

Oral health matters at every age, not just when your permanent teeth erupt. Not only is it crucial to keep your child’s baby teeth healthy, but making sure that no underlying issues are present can make a huge difference in their long-term oral health. For example, catching bad habits that affect the way their teeth and jaw develop can ultimately ensure their smile is healthier when they become adults. Dr. Niraja, Dr. Jimish, and the rest of our team always take the time to provide their youngest patients with the attention they deserve through comprehensive children's dentistry in New Jersey. If your family needs reliable dental care, don’t wait to give us a call today!





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Children’s Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

We recommend parents to bring their child in for their first visit either within six months of their first tooth erupting or by the time they reach one year of age. Routine cleanings and exams allow us to remove any cavity-causing bacteria, plaque, and tartar and confirm that their oral development is on the right track. During these visits, you’ll also be informed on the best at-home oral care tips to keep in mind for your child in between these appointments.



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Athletic Mouthguards & Sportsguards

Is your child active in contact sports, including football, hockey, basketball, wrestling, lacrosse, or another sport? Do they have a bad teeth grinding habit that’s causing them jaw pain? If so, they’re going to need the right protection to keep their smile intact. Our dental office can create custom-made mouthguards and nightguards to protect their smile, whether it’s on the field or in bed. Because they are custom-made, they are sure to last much longer, offer the best protection possible, and be comfortable to use!



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Dental Sealants

The risk of tooth decay is generally higher for younger patients. When looking at specific teeth with deep pits and fissures, such as molars and premolars, the risk is even higher. Since children are still perfecting their oral care routine, it can be difficult to keep these particular teeth clean in the long-term. Dental sealants offer a quick and effective solution for protecting these vulnerable teeth, especially in very young patients who are still learning how to brush and floss properly at home.



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Non-Nutritive Habits

Thumb-sucking, tongue-thrusting, and pacifier use past the age of three can all dramatically influence the way in which your child’s teeth and jaw develop. In the event that your child has trouble breaking these habits, our dental office will provide helpful tips that are sure to help. Dr. Niraja is a parent herself and also very experienced in working with children. Her patience and dedication to helping them discontinue these habits is what you can expect when you visit Smiles Dental.



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Pulp Therapy

The pulp refers to the nerves, tissues, and blood vessels found at the center of teeth. If your child damages their tooth, the pulp can easily become damaged as well. The goal of pulp therapy, whether it’s for baby or permanent teeth, is to treat, restore, and save the tooth from decay or physical injury. Dr. Niraja performs pulpotomies and pulpectomies to remove decay and keep their teeth healthy throughout development.



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Fluoride Treatment

Smiles Dental recommends all patients to use fluoridated toothpaste because of its active ingredient – fluoride. Fluoride can be found in the foods we eat, our public drinking water, and (of course) oral healthcare products. Its properties work to strengthen existing tooth enamel and reduce the risk of future plaque and tartar development. After your cleaning, our dental office can also perform a brief fluoride application in order to provide additional protection after your appointment.


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